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Some books

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W. Dan Hausel became one of the more prolific writers in Arizona and Wyoming contributing to more than 1,000 books, professional papers, general interest articles, geological maps and abstracts. He contributed to nearly 100 books since 1977.



175 pages of full color about gold, rubies, sapphires, peridot, diamonds. The book includes a section

on how to find diamond deposits and where to look.


Find this book it at Amazon.




Gemstones & Other Unique Minerals and Rocks

by W. Dan Hausel & Wayne M. Sutherland

a 287-page book on various mineral & gem localities. Look for it at the University of Wyoming



(many of the photographs on this page were produced by - Wayne Sutherland

- we wanted to thank Wayne for the spectacular layouts!)





 Wyoming greatest gold district - South Pass, mapped and explored by the author for several years. 

This 129 page book is available at the Wyoming Geological Survey in Laramie




 Various pubs about mineral deposits in Wyoming - available at the WGS.


 A 374-page book on diamond deposits around the world. Available at Amazon.


 All about diamond deposits in the US. A 93-page book about diamond deposits and diamond finds in the US.



 Base metal deposits (229-pages) and gold in Wyoming. Two books that tell you where to find your treasure.


A 159-page book about minerals & rocks of Wyoming. Available at

the Wyoming Geological Survey & University of Wyoming bookstore.







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