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Award Winning Geologist

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In 1988 and 1989, W. Dan Hausel, consulting geologist for WestGold (subsidiary of DeBeers & Anglo American) and research geologist for the Wyoming Geological Survey was part of the discovery team on one of the largest gold deposits to be found in North America during the 20th century. Hausel, along with geologists Richard Garnett, Bruce Hickok, Dr. Paul Graff, Mark Bronston, Toni Hinderman and Robert Retherford identifed the giant gold deposit in the Kuskokwim Mountains of southwestern Alaska. Three of the geologists were affiliated with the University of Wyoming.


Years later, Placer Dome and then Nova Gold followed up on the initial discovery and drilling by the companies led to identification of a gold resource of more than 43 million ounces. In addition to these drilled resources, it is also reported that a 140 million ounce gold inferred resource has been estimated, and about 60% of the original discovery site remains to be explored by drilling (Paul Graff, personal communication, 2016). The original crew of WestGold who made the initial discovery received recognition for the 1988 discovery during the PDAC's presentation of the 2009 Thayer Lindsley Award, but none financially benefited. As a visual to the size of this one deposit - historically, Wyoming produced about 360,000 ounces of gold (Hausel and Hausel, 2011). Donlin Creek has a minimum of 500 times more gold than has been mined from Wyoming during its entire mining history. Even the Klondike can't even get close to comparing to Donlin Creek. Based on the estimated resources, Donlin Creek contains more than 10 times the amount of gold mined during the entire history of the famous Klondike!


Hausel made several discoveries over the years. During research and mapping of the Rattlesnake Hills in central Wyoming, he identified a whole new gold district that was later drilled by Canyon Resources, Newmont Gold and Evolving Gold and now tauted as another Cripple Creek. Hausel made the initial gold discoveries in 1981. For this and other work, Hausel had previously been presented several awards including the Wyoming Geological Association's Distinguished Service Award.



On Friday, October 22nd, 2004, the Wyoming Geological Association (WGA) awarded W. Dan Hausel, Senior Economic Geologist of the Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) with the Association’s 2004 Distinguished Service Award for outstanding endeavors and contributions to the work and progress of the Association. The award was presented at Casper’s Petroleum Club, and is only presented once every year to individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to Wyoming’s geology and advancement of the Association. Being dominated by petroleum geologists, it was rare for the association to pick a 'hard rock' geologist for this award.


The award, presented by Ralph Specht, Vice President of the WGA, was followed by a standing ovation of the membership acknowledging Hausel’s contributions to Wyoming’s geology over the past 3 decades. Specht read the following to the membership:


"W. Dan Hausel received BS and MS degrees in Geology from the University of Utah in 1972 and 1974. Since 1975, he has worked as a consultant for various companies and as a research geologist for the Wyoming State Geological Survey. Currently, he occupies the position of Senior Economic Geologist for the WSGS where his duties include investigations related to precious and base metals, gemstones, mineralogy, mining districts, Archean greenstone belts and diamondiferous host rocks.


During the past 27 years, he mapped more than 700 square miles of historic mining districts and Precambrian geology including the two largest kimberlite districts in the US and the largest lamproite field in North America. His work has resulted in the discovery of some diamondseveral colored gemstone occurrences and several base and precious metal occurrences and deposits, as well as a previously unrecognized gold district in Wyoming (Rattlesnake Hills). While on leave from the state, he has consulted on several diamond and gold projects around North America, and provided the initial mapping on the Donlin Creek gold deposit in southwestern Alaska, which is now considered to be the largest undeveloped gold deposit in North America.


He has authored or co-authored more than 500 books, professional papers, general interest articles and geological maps, and lectured to hundreds of groups around North America. In 1992, he was awarded the American Association of Petroleum Geologist's Energy Mineral's Division President's Certificate and the Wyoming Geological Association's Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Endeavors and Contributions. In 1994, he was a Distinguished Lecturer for the Laramie Lyceum; in 1998, was listed as a Distinguished Lecturer of the University of Wyoming Department of Geology and Geophysics, and was also presented the Prospector's Best Friend Award by the Rocky Mountain Prospectors and Treasure Hunters. In 2001, he was presented the Education Award and elected to the National Rock Hound and Lapidary Hall of Fame for contributions to the education of rock hounds and amateur mineralogists, and in 2003; he was elected to the Colorado Chapter of the International Order of Ragged Ass Miners. His achievements have been highlighted in several Who’s Who documents including Who's Who in Science & Engineering, Who's Who in the West, Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the World, 2,000 Notable American Men, and 5,000 Personalities of the World.


His hobbies include sketching and martial arts. His artwork appears in publications, galleries, and on book covers. He is considered one of the top martial arts instructors in North America and has been inducted into eight Halls of Fame for contributions to the martial arts and has been recognized as the “International Grandmaster of the Year”, “Grandmaster of the Year”, and “International Instructor of the Year”.


The presentation was followed by a lecture by Hausel on the Geology of Wyoming’s Gemstone Deposits which included discussions on some additional gemstone discoveries that were recently made by Hausel.




Dan Hausel lectures to group of prospectors on field trip at Centennial (left)

and to the International Geological Congress in front of the Carissa shear zone at the South Pass greenstone belt.




Unlike the Nobel Peace Prize (2002, 2007 2009) some of the following awards listed below were earned. There are awards listed as 'selected' that Hausel was selected to receive, but he did not accept them because he didn't believe he had earned them.


  • 2018 - Selected for Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award  


  • 2016 Selected for Great Men and Women of Science, Cambridge England
  • 2016 Selected for Honorary Professor of Science, Cambridge, England.
  • 2016 Who's Who in Science and Engineering (12th Edition).
  • 2016 Selected for Most Influential Scientists.


  • 2015 Inducted in Who's Who in America (70th Platinum Ed).
  • 2015 Inducted in Who's Who in the World (32nd Ed).
  • 2015 Inducted in Who's Who in Science & Engineering (32nd Ed).
  • 2015 Selected as DaVinci Award recipient as a Polymath.
  • 2015 Karate School (Arizona Hombu) selected as Best in Mesa Arizona three years in a row.
  • 2015 Selected for Honorary Doctorate of Science, IBC, Cambridge, England.
  • 2015 Selected for Cambridge Award
  • 2015 Selected for Man of Year.


  • 2014 Inducted in Who's Who in the World
  • 2014 Selected for Decoration of Achievement in Science.
  • 2014 Selected for Honorary Doctorate of Letters.



  • 2012 Inducted in Who's Who in America (66th Edition)
  • 2012 Inducted in 30th Pearl Edition of Who's Who in the World (2013)
  • 2012 Inducted in Action Martial Arts Magazine's Hall of Honor (Outstanding Contributions to Martial Arts as a Grandmaster).


  • 2011 Who's Who in Science & Engineering 2011-2012 (11th edition)
  • 2011 Who's Who in America
  • 2011 Who's Who in the World
  • 2011 Selected for Man of the Year


  • 2010 Inducted Who's Who in the World
  • 2010 Inducted Who's Who in America
  • 2010 Selected for the Einstein Award for Scientific Achievement,
  • 2010 Selected ABIs Magna Cum Laude (Cambridge, England).



  • 2009 Presented Thayer Lindsley Award(with six of geological colleagues) for a Major International Mineral Discovery (PDAC, Canada) for contributions to discovery of the Donlin Creek (41 million ounce) gold deposit, Alaska. 
  • 2009 Awarded – Juko Kai International Honor Award (One who points the way)
  • 2009 Selected - American Award of Merit for Personal Achievement, Washington DC.
  • 2009 Selected- Hall of Fame for Distinguished Accomplishments
  • 2009 Inducted - Who's Who In America
  • 2009 Inducted - Who's Who in the World
  • 2009 Selected - Magna Cum Laude (ABI)
  • 2009 Inducted - 100 Top Scientists of the World (IBC)
  • 2009 Selected - Gold Medal for the United States
  • 2009 Selected - Leading Intellectuals of the World
  • 2009 Selected - 21st Century Award of Achievement
  • 2009 Inducted - 2000 Outstanding Scientists of the World.


  • 2008 Awarded - Top 2000 Scientists of 2007-08
  • 2008 Inducted - Who's Who in Science & Engineering
  • 2008 Inducted - Who's Who in America
  • 2008 Inducted - Who's Who in the World
  • 2008 Inducted - USHOFMAA Hall of Honor, Maryland.
  • 2008 Selected - IBC Cambridge Blue Book
  • 2008 Appointed to the Supreme Elite Warrior’s Council USHOFMAA
  • 2008 Appointed Member of the International Examiners Committee, Seishinryoku Kai Karate
  • 2008 Appointed International Representative of Arizona/USA for IOSKDKA Karate, Athens, Greece
  • 2008 Appointed World Soke (Grandmaster) Council, Seishinryoku Kai Karate
  • 2008 Honorary Lifetime member International Okinawa Seishinryoku Karate-Do Kobudo Association.


  • 2007 Selected - Leading Educators of the World IBC laureate.
  • 2007 Inducted - Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering (10th edition) (Member, 6 of 10 editions)
  • 2007 Awarded - 21st Century Achievement Award in Science, Martial Arts & Writing, IBC.
  • 2007 Inducted - Marquis Who’s Who in America.
  • 2007 Inducted - Marquis Who’s Who in the World.
  • 2007 Appointed - United States Soke (Grandmaster) Council.


  • 2006 Awarded - Archimedes’s Award (Outstanding Contributions to Geological Sciences).
  • 2006 Inducted, Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering.
  • 2006 Inducted Marquis Who’s Who in America.
  • 2006 Inducted Marquis Who’s Who in the World.
  • 2006 Inducted - USHOFMAA International Hall of Honor, Maryland.


  • 2005 Inducted, Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering.
  • 2005 Inducted - Who's Who in the West
  • 2005 Inducted - Who's Who in America
  • 2005 Inducted - Who's Who in the World
  • 2005 Inducted - World Martial Arts Black Belt Hall of Fame, Malaysia.
  • 2005 Awarded - Grandmaster of the Year (WMABBHOF)

  • 2004 Presented – Wyoming Geological Association’s Distinguished Service Award. (Only geologist in the history of WGS to receive this award).
  • 2004 Inducted - Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering.
  • 2004 Inducted - Who's Who in the West
  • 2004 Inducted - Who's Who in America
  • 2004 Inducted - Who's Who in the World
  • 2004 Inducted - World Head of Society (International Council of Masters & Grandmasters) Hall of Fame, Philippines.
  • 2004 Awarded - Honorable Grandmaster & Lifetime Member (WHOS).
  • 2004 American Karate Association Hall of Fame Inductee, Cincinnati Ohio.
  • 2004 American Karate Association, Instructor of the Year.
  • 2004 US Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee, Nashville, Tennessee.
  • 2004 Lifetime member, World Organizer of Martial Arts, Department of Martial Arts Affairs, Delaware.


  • 2003 Elected Member - Colorado Mining Association.
  • 2003 Honorary Member - Colorado Chapter of International Order of Ragged Ass Miners.
  • 2003 Inducted - Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering.
  • 2003 Latin America Martial Arts Society Worldwide Hall of Fame Inductee, Puerto Rico.
  • 2003 Awarded International Grandmaster of the Year.
  • 2003 Inducted in Living Science


  • 2002 Inducted - Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering.
  • 2002 Inducted - Marquis Who’s Who in America.
  • 2002 Inducted - Marquis Who’s Who in the World
  • 2002 Universal Martial Arts Hall-of-Fame Inductee Orlando, Florida.
  • 2002 Awarded Martial Arts Founder of the Year.
  • 2002 World Martial Arts Hall-of-Fame Inductee, Springdale, Ohio.
  • 2002 Awarded Grandmaster of the Year.



  • 2001 Honorary Lifetime Member - Wyoming State Gem & Mineral Society.
  • 2001 Honorary Member - Wyoming Prospectors’ Association.
  • 2001 Inducted - National Rock Hound & Lapidary Hall-of-Fame.
  • 2001 Presented - Education Award, National Rock Hound & Lapidary Hall-of-Fame.
  • 2001 Inducted - Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering.
  • 2001 Inducted - Marquis Who’s Who in America.
  • 2001 Inducted - Marquis Who’s Who in the World.
  • 2001 North American Black Belt Hall-of-Fame inductee Lakewood, California.
  • 2001 Awarded International Black Belt Instructor of the Year.
  • 2001 Lifetime Member, Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Kokusai Kempo-Karate-Do & Kobudo Federation.
  • 2001 Appointed to World Soke Council board.


  • 2000 Top Juko-Kai International affiliated ‘Soke of the Year’.
  • 2000 World Karate Union Hall-of-Fame Inductee, Tannersville, Pennsylvania.
  • 2000 Lifetime Achievement Award (World Karate Union)
  • 2000 Inductee - American Biographical Institute’s Millennium Hall-of-Fame for Martial Arts, Art, Geology, Writing and Public Speaking.
  • 2000 Lifetime Contributions to Martial Arts Award


  • 1999 Headmaster of the JKI Top-Rated Martial Arts School of the Year (University of Wyoming Shorin-Ryu Karate & Kobudo Club).


  • 1998 Distinguished Lecturer - University of Wyoming Department of Geology & Geophysics.
  • 1998 Best Friend Award - Rocky Mountain Prospectors and Treasure Hunters.
  • 1998 Inductee - Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering.
  • 1998 Inductee - Marquis Who’s Who in America.
  • 1998 Inductee - Marquis Who’s Who in the World.
  • 1998 Inductee - Marquis Who's Who in the West.
  • 1998 KB Karate Hall-of-Fame Inductee Pocono, Pennsylvania.
  • 1998 Awarded Grandmaster Instructor of the Year.


  • 1997 Awarded Kyoju (Professor of Martial Arts) certification.

  • 1996 Awarded JKI Samurai Award (for obtaining black belt ranks in five different martial arts).


  • 1995 Awarded – International Man-of-the-Year


  • 1994 Distinguished Speaker - Laramie Lyceum.
  • 1994 Awarded – Man-of-the-Year.


  • 1993 Nominated - Dibblee Mapping Award (for excellence in geological mapping).

  • 1992 Awarded President’s Certificate for Excellence in Public Speaking - American Association of Petroleum Geologists.
  • 1992 Awarded - Wyoming Geological Association’s Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Endeavors & Contributions.


  • 1989 Presented - Geological Survey of Wyoming, Award for Outstanding Service & Contributions.


  • 1985 Presented - Geological Survey of Wyoming, Award for Outstanding Service & Contributions.


  • 1971 Honor Graduate - U.S. Army School of Artillery, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma (top of class).




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