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Award Winning Artist

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W. Dan Hausel, Artist 



For Sale - by W. Dan Hausel


Don't know where this talent came from. But in 1990, one of my colleagues - Fiddy Ranz - suggested that I should try sketching. I laughed and told her with all honesty, I could not even draw a stick figure properly. And I couldn't. However, she said I was very talented and all I would need to do is to sketch just like I did my detailed geological maps- take my time and work on small areas at a time. BINGO! The light came on and overnight I could sketch because of that statement.  So, I began sketching.



Tony - by W. Dan Hausel                                                                High Seas by W. Dan Hausel


Lisa - by W. Dan Hausel


Master Cho


Night Crossing (won Best of Show at the Cheyenne Frontier Days)




Wyoming Rush Hour


Jail Break



A New Pair of Boots



Staff Meeting with Dr. Ronnie

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